Chapter 7 Take Home Test

Please complete the online test by Monday May 18th at 9:00 a.m. You may also download and print the test here ch-7-quiz .
You can use your notes but DO NOT ask for help from any other person – that will be considered cheating and result in a ZERO for this test. You can only take the test once so make sure you have the time and your resources ready before beginning test. If you have technical errors, please email Ms. Olah at . Do not wait until class on Monday to discuss problems – it will be too late then!! I will be in my classroom Monday May 18th at 8:00 a.m. if you would like to come take the test then on the classroom computers.


Chapter 7 resources

We are moving on to chapter 7…Here are some resources to help you practice and understand what we are going over in class.

Extra Credit – answer the questions at the end of the powerpoints and email them to me by 5/8!

Practice Chapter 6

Here are some activities to practice
All Ch 6 –
All Ch 6 – (you won’t know affiirmative tu commands)
Food Vocabulary –
Direct Object Pronouns –
Direct Object Pronouns Quiz –
Ser vs Estar –
Ser vs Estar –
Verb conjugation Battleship –
Stem changing o-ue verbs –
Stem Changing verbs –
Querer and Preferir –
More Stem Changing –

More Practice
Ser and Estar timed quiz –
Ser, Estar and Tener –
Direct Object Pronouns –
Direct Object Pronouns Advanced –
2 ways to attached DOP’s –
Stem Changing verb conjugations –